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German supermarket chain Aldi is best known for its deeply discounted groceries and flash sales on everything from welding gear to tents, and, every once in a while, bikes and cycling gear. You could be forgiven for thinking it sells the same poorly built cheap bikes as other well-known retailers, but based on recent reviews of some Aldi bikes, such as the latest AU$350 MTB, that’s not the case. So when Aldi offered me the chance to ride the Crane Folding E-Bike, I was intrigued. Most of the time, when a bike comes in a box, you need to attach the handlebars, seatpost, put the seatpost in the seat tube, and pop the front wheel into the fork. The beauty of a folding bike is, by design, that it fits in a relatively small box (compared to a standard bike box). All you have to do is unfold it, make sure there is air in the tires and ride away. Straight out of the box the gears were indexed correctly and the brakes didn’t rub or squeal. The quick release levers on the handlebars and seatpost were  also correctly tensioned. The hardest part of the initial setup was lifting the bike out of the box, because with a rear hub drive system and battery it’s weighty, tipping our scales at 21...

Update: What’s Going On With Shimano’s New XTR Group?

When will XTR actually be available? Have the parts that consumers are buying in Europe been officially released, or are those grey market / early sample items? Rumor has it that the Scylence hub has been cancelled. Is that correct? If so, what’s it being replaced with? How about bike manufacturers – are there bikes sitting in warehouses still waiting for XTR to show up? Kactus Sport, Carbon Fiber, Bike Guide Wheel System, Quick Release – Kactus,