A lip piercing is a piercing worn by both men and women, this is not surprising since there are so many types of lip piercings that can suit any face. In fact there are endless options in and around the mouth for a decorative piercing. So our guide for the different types of lip piercings might inspire you to finally get one. 

Lip piercing is a body modification type which is pierced either on the lips, the surrounding area or the lip frenulum. The formed opening is decorated with beautiful lip jewelry. 

Did you know that there are at least 14 different types of lip piercings from which you can choose, if you want to get your lip pierced? Most of the options fall into the category of “bites”, but every bite is positioned differently, and there are several other lip piercing types besides bites that you can get. Let’s take a look at each of the lip piercing types, what differentiates them from each other, and what kind of celeb lip piercing you like.

A labret is a lip piercing done with a single puncture, located under the bottom lip. Although ‘Labret’ is actually the name of the jewellery piece itself, it is also the location of the piercing opposite of the Medusa which sits in the middle under the lip. It is worn with a labret, ball closure ring and/or circular barbell.

One facial puncture, located above the upper lip on the left-hand side. Probably the best-known lip piercing there is, the monroe piercings are named for Marilyn Monroe because they mimic the beauty spot she had on one side of her upper lip. It sits on either side of your upper lip, but the right side tends to be the more popular side. 

Medusa is a single piercing, located above the upper lip, under the philtrum. The piercing is done just below the nose septum, which is called “philtrum”. Medusa is located in the groove under the upper lip and, therefore, the beautiful lip shape is well highlighted.

Lower lip puncture, located in the middle of the lip and below it. Labret piercings go straight through the skin below the lower lip but vertical labret piercings go up through the lip from bottom to top, so that the top ball of the jewelry sits atop your bottom lip. These lip piercings are typically done with short straight barbells.

Double piercing, located at the mouth corners. The Dahlia is located just outside the corners of  the mouth and can be worn by a labret, ball closure rings and a circular barbell. This type of piercing is often done in pairs which give the illusion of ‘bites’!

Located in the groove of the upper lip and below the bottom lip, cyber bites piercings are double piercings. It’s actually a combination of a Medusa piercing and a standard labret piercing. Typically, piercers will place labret studs in both piercings. After the labret piercing is healed, you can switch to a lip loop, a circular barbell or a captive ring of some variety, if desired. It’s best to stick with a labret stud for your Medusa piercing, though, even after it’s fully healed.

An angel bite piercing is actually a pair of upper lip piercings placed to the left and right of the philtrum which is the rigid part of your lip immediately below your nose. Most commonly, labret studs are used as the starter jewelry for angel bites piercings and other upper lip piercings, since hoops may get in the way of eating, talking, kissing, and other activities that could irritate the piercings and delay the healing process. Labret studs are ideal because they have a flat backing on them on the end that’s inside your mouth and resting against your gums, and those flat backings tend to be less irritating than balls would be. 

A dolphin bites piercing is two openings, made close to each other, below the lower lip. Its a pair of piercings placed immediately below the lower lip, fairly close together to the right and left of the central area where a labret piercing would be placed. 

Double puncture under the bottom lip. A spider bite piercing is a pair of piercings located close together and to the mouth corner, below the left or right side of the lower lip.  When spider bites are placed that closely to the lip, you can wear hoops, circular barbells, lip loops, or even a short surface barbell instead of labret studs, if desired.

Double puncture of the lower lip. It is located at an equal distance from the center and it resembles a snake bite.

Labret studs or hoops (like captive rings, segment rings or seamless rings) can be inserted when you get a snake bites piercing. If you opt for labret studs, go for soft and flexible PTFE labrets. They’ll be less likely to cause your gums to recede if the jewelry is constantly rubbing against your lower gum line. If you accidentally bite down on your snake bites piercing jewelry, there’s a high risk for chipping a tooth if your jewelry is made of stainless steel or titanium, which is another good reason to opt for PTFE labret studs, at least during the initial healing process. Once you’re fully healed, your piercer can insert more closely-fitting labret studs that are less likely to cause irritation or accidentally get bitten while you’re eating.

A horizontal lip piercing has two lower lip surface punctures that are usually connected by straight or curved barbells. This is any piercing that goes straight through the skin immediately below the lower lip or right above the upper lip and into the mouth. Typically horizontal lip piercings are placed off to one side of the mouth and done as a single piercing, although some people like to have 2 or more horizontal piercings placed side-by-side. 

Multiple punctures, performed at four corners of the mouth. It is located on the upper and bottom lips.

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Modification of the labret piercing, located at the very bottom of the chin. A lowbret piercing sounds exactly like what it is: a labret piercing placed as far down within the lower lip as possible.

Ashley lip piercing is placed in the center of the bottom lip. It goes inside the lip and shows the barbell ball outside. You may try the single, or close to each other, double Ashley piercings.

Let’s conclude with this image of a fake side lip piercing worn by JLO for her Hustlers movie. Know that you have to get the piercing your heart wants. Enjoy the piercing of your dreams and look after it! 

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